As a busy person, you need to read this great Medium article below. If you have time that is.

With my life currently being more on the work side than any other side, today just a few bullet point comments:

  • Using the term work life balance is a risky thing. Doesn't it imply that you are not living when you are working? And when you are not living you are basically… dead.  
  • Be aware that work life balance problems are luxury problems. My parents grew up during World War II. Whenever I feel stressed, I think about when my parents were kids. There were no work life balance problems. The problem for most people was “how do I survive today?”
  • Achieving life balance (or “life blend”) is all about being clear on your priorities and acting accordingly. However, that is so much easier in theory than in real life. You might need some help. I for instance am right now working almost daily with a peer coach. And it is working very well. (Thanks a bunch Nicholas!)

May you be well!