Leaders are often well aware that an overuse of strengths can turn into a weakness, and in fact in a lot of my executive coaching assignments, the focus is on keeping the leaders "talents" in check.

What is usually underestimated though is that an "under-use" of behaviors can be equally damaging for your career.

As Trish Kellet , co-author of "Coaching the Dark Side of Personality" points out below "While the underused behavior might not garner immediate attention the way an overused behavior does, the impression it creates will accumulate over time, adding to the person’s reputation of not being an effective leader, which can be a death knell to a career."

If you want to ensure you emerge as a leader and take control of the inevitable dark side of your personality, you need to understand yourself very well in the first place. The Hogan Development Survey assessment is a great tool to understand your "dark side of personality".

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