Do what you love and the money will follow? Unfortunatley, it is not that simple!

However, if you are in a job that you are not passionate about, then you are at risk that getting out of bed in the morning is a daily struggle. Your key motivator might ‘security’ or ‘money’, and that's not good enough in the long run.

If you have no passion for your current work, what keeps you from doing something else?

Typically only one of these two: 

1) Fear


2) Not knowing what you are truly passionate about.

So how to deal with this dilemma?

To overcome your fears, you may want to try the scenario planning that helped me overcome my fear leaving a ‘secure’ corporate job behind to start my own business: regrets on the deathbed. I envisioned the end of my life.

How would I feel if I stayed in a job until retirement which earned me a good income, but that I was not really passionate about?

How would I feel if I did something that I really loved instead, but eventually failed?

It was obvious to me that potentially failing was much better than not even trying. So I jumped in the cold water. And learned to swim.

Of course not everyone has to become self-employed, or start their own business. But if you are in a job you don’t love, you should consider doing something else. And this could of course mean staying tin the same organization, but perhaps in another position.

It’s a different problem though if you don’t know where your passion lies. Often, all it takes to find out is spending some time pondering… In addition, feedback from friends who know you well, or a professional 360 degree feedback can help. Other personality instruments like the MBTI or Hogan helped me a lot, too, to understand myself better.

More info on How to Find the Ideal Job is here

To your passion!