In your daily life, professionally as well as personally, what sucks out most of your energy?

At some point in time all of us need to to deal with extreme challenges. You may have to face a taxing economic situation, maybe an unforeseen crisis, and such encounters can be tough, of course.

What’s tougher though for most is not the occasional crisis, but the daily trouble with people. Typically not the very big problems with people, but the “minor” ones which just add up. And in sum, this  can truly drain your energy, and make your life miserable.

And let’s face it: despite your NLP presuppositions that “everyone has best intentions” or “people do the best with the resources they have available”, there are people out there who suck. Toxic people.

See which of the 12 strategies that successful people employ when dealing with toxic people from the brilliant Forbes article below you can use (highlighted is only one strategy in the excerpt). And share with us how this works for you.