Last time we talked about the importance of self-control and self-regulation for you as a leader. Closely related is Self-Awareness, "a topic identified in research as crucial yet frequently a derailer." and at the top of the list for what C-suite leaders want to be coached on according to a Korn Ferry study

As Daniel Goleman said, "Emotional intelligence begins with this trait. People with a high degree of self-awareness know their weaknesses and aren’t afraid to talk about them. Someone who understands that he works poorly under tight deadlines, for example, will work hard to plan his time carefully, and will let his colleagues know why. Many executives looking for potential leaders mistake such candor for “wimpiness.”  —"What makes a leader?", Harvard Business Review

How do you rate your self-awareness on a scale of 1-10? If less than 10, how would moving up the scale by 1 or 2 units impact your leadership? And how can you achieve this?

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