As a leader you may focus on motivating and engaging your team, developing them and leading them to success. That sounds good in the first place, but it can be a severe problem if you don't know exactly what success looks like for others.

In my executive coaching practice, I am surprised how often even experienced managers neglect one simple aspect that would help them be much more successful and advance in their careers: knowing what their bosses (and other key stake-holders) want and expect from them!

As you can see in the MsKinsey study below, even functional C-level executives may think that they are aligned with their CEO's strategy—whilst the CEOs might think differently.

How about yourself? Do you really know what your boss, other key stake-holders, and decision makers want?

It may sound ridiculously basic, but having a discussion with these key people about expectations and the critical priorities can work wonders!

Wondering how? Find more details here: What They Don’t Tell You in Your Executive Job Description

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