How the Right Corporate Values Can Prevent Crisis

Yes, dealing effectively with #crisis is an important #leadership skill. Preventing a crisis is even more important. And this is why company values do matter.

Corporate values is not about the shiny paper on the wall that you put up for the next ISO audit.

When chosen properly, corporate values give everyone in the organization clear guidelines how things are done, and gives front-line employees authority to make critical decisions fast without having to double-check with their boss.

  • When teamwork is one of your top values, you cannot tolerate that your "best" sales person undermines collaboration.
  • When compliance is really more important for you than short term revenue, your sales person can confidently deny paying a bribe, knowing they won't get their head ripped off when they return without closing the deal.
  • For a flight crew, it may be important to know if customer satisfaction or getting their colleagues to work on time is of higher value...

Perhaps you want to have a look at that shiny paper on your office wall: are these the right values? Do they give the right guidance? And are they "lived" and  rigorously followed?

If not, now might be a very good time for a revision.