10) The Importance of Diversity for Team Success

Does your organization truly embrace diversity & inclusion, or are these just empty buzz words on a shiny paper with a golden frame in your lobby?

As a global citizen working in a truly multi-cultural environment, I see again and again that diverse teams getter better results than others.

Once I delivered a series of 16 leadership development workshops in six different countries across Asia and Europe. Same workshop , same company. The teams who had the best workshop results had one thing in common: they were multi-national! (See more in European vs. Asian Leaders — or: Useless Discussions vs. Results-Oriented Action) The BCG article below indicates that this is not a coincidence.

Homogeneous teams may have less conflicts, and they get along well. Heterogenous teams may encounter more conflicts initially, but typically get better results in the long run.

So, how diverse is your team really? And in a diverse team, how can you make most effective use of the differences?